Phil Bagge (Primary / Elementary)
Computing Inspector/Advisor working for Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service, UK
Phil Wickins (Primary / Elementary)
Primary School Subject Leader, Southampton, UK
Darren Travi (Secondary)
Secondary School Subject Leader, Master Teacher, CAS CoP Leader, Royal Grammar School, Buckinghampshire, UK
Ilia Avroutine (Secondary)
Secondary School Subject Leader, Wetherby Secondary School, London, UK
Computer Science Author
Peter Marshman (Secondary)
TeachComputing Hub Lead, AST, Master Teacher, Park House School, Berkshire, UK
Computer Science Author & Editor


The team consists of experienced CPD facilitators who are skilled in delivering remote and face-to-face courses


All our traininers are experienced mentors and coaches who are able to support you with guidance on your next steps for professional development



The courses delivered by our trainers provide innovative and creative content to contextualise the materials delivered

Remotely Delivered Training

Secondary courses delivered via Zoom

Primary courses delivered via Google Meet

A focus on knoweldge, skills and pedagogy
Resources for teaching provided as part of the course
Devliered by practising teachers

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I’ve never learnt through remote access before but have  enjoyed it so much. You have gone above and beyond to answer questions and provide support for us and share your valuable resources.

Best course I have ever been on.  Have been teaching for 15 years.  Very relevant, excellent delivery and outstanding ideas.
Fabulous! Inspiring! Really Useful!  Thank you!

Definitely feeling a lot more confident in terms of teaching from the algorithm stage to then applying it to the coding with the selection aspects! Was also a great laugh connecting with others in these isolated times! Thanks so much – got loads of great ideas to use in the classroom!


Park House School is a Digital Schoolhouse

We provide innovative and creative workshops for primary schools.  We can inspire your pupils and support your Computing Curriculum


Park House School is a Teach Computing Hub

We provide free CPD with bursaries for primary and secondary schools in England.

The hub also provides free Computing curriculum action planning and support through our Subject Matter Experts


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